Trilogy Productions, Inc.
Box Office Management & Ticketing Solutions

Trilogy Productions, Inc. is a full-service Box Office Management and Ticketing Services Company
specializing in worry-free ticketing for any organization and superior service for its patrons.

We have been delivering a concierge level service in ticketing operations for over 20 years.

Trilogy Productions Inc. brings all the benefits of an in-house ticket office to those organizations with a need to give their patrons superior service, but without the resources or the inclination to hire full time professional ticket office management and staff, nor invest in the required computer software, technology, equipment, facilities and technical support.

Trilogy Productions Inc. has the expertise to work closely with each of our clients assessing their unique needs, complimenting their operational structure, computerizing and directing ticket office operations, and providing continuing management services. Trilogy Productions performs in the following areas of venue operations; a full range of ticket office services including on-line ticketing, remote outlet ticket sales, membership and donor fulfillment, auction services, complimentary ticket issuance, credential production and control, gate control, brochure development, and marketing in addition to social media implementation. Trilogy draws on the knowledge and talent of its founders and associates to provide a complete event operations package, or specific operational elements, specifically designed and customized by Trilogy Productions for each venue, festival, concert series, or special event.

Trilogy Productions Inc. is in the unique position to provide ticketing professionals trained with an emphasis on patron service to manage the full-service ticket office incorporating our state-of-the-art ticketing software and computer system essential to accepting reservations, selling tickets, renewing memberships, accepting donations, fulfilling donor and sponsor benefits, producing credentials, and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. We are the concierge of your event or venue.

We know patrons have become more selective with their disposable income. Given the increasingly competitive nature of the entertainment industry, an organization can no longer depend solely on its past popularity or on the popularity of its special events to attract patrons. In order for an event to grow, or even maintain its patron base, it must not only generate excitement prior to event sales, but also enhance the patron's overall experience. That experience starts with the purchase of tickets and continues through the patron's departure at the conclusion of the event.

Truly successful organizations know their ticket office is much more than an outlet for taking reservations or selling tickets, it is an integral part of the overall event operation. A professional, well-organized, efficiently run ticket office is not only their greatest profit center but the main interface with their patrons. It creates the atmosphere that adds value to the event and generates repeat patrons. They understand that competent and creative management of each venue, plus prudent cost controls in all aspects of operations is essential to the success of the event.

Trilogy Productions Inc. is designed so we fully integrate our knowledge and technology into each client's organization providing seamless operations while maintaining its philosophy. Our experienced management team and professionally trained staff are immersed into the background, mission, location, and operational details of each organization so we provide helpful, knowledgeable event information presenting the organization as professional, friendly, and well run. Trilogy assists with all elements that coordinate with ticketing operations such as but not limited to planning, fundraising, technology integration, marketing and patron interaction by creating a customized ticket office package that fits the goals of each organization.

If you are interested in Trilogy Productions Inc. can provide for you, please send us an email at or call us at 925-866-9595.

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